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pre-vacation home security checklist

The pre-vacation home security checklist you need to read

Jul 18th, 2017 | Leave a comment


Home Automation Security & Fire Video Surveillance

You’re going away! You’ve waited months—possibly longer—for your perfect vacation. Time to pack your bags, board your pets (unless they’re coming!), grab the kids and get away. Is your home truly protected and did you take enough precautions to ensure the safety of your home while you’re gone? Below is a pre-vacation home security checklist to

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custom home security solutions

Custom home security solutions keep your family safe

Jun 26th, 2017 | Leave a comment


Security & Fire Video Surveillance

Owning a home is one of life’s biggest milestones. You move in, change the locks, see that all the windows have working locks, replace the bulbs in the entry lights, and trim the shrubbery around the perimeter. You’re all safe and secure. Right? Not really. The only way to truly protect your home and your

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streaming devices tv with streaming services logos

Streaming your way to a great movie experience

May 31st, 2017 | Leave a comment


Home Theater Lifestyle WiFi and Networking

For those of you familiar with streaming TV and movie content, we’d like to take it up a notch and discuss the different ways to stream. All streaming devices function in a similar manner – they connect to or through your TV and once connected to your home Wi-Fi, they can stream an assortment of

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