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AUTON Motorized Systems, the legendary manufacturer of motorized TV lifts has been the preeminent manufacturer in the industry since 1955 and can build custom systems for designers, architects, builders, and fine furniture makers. Virgil Walker, President of AUTON Motorized Systems, invented the rack and pinion TV lift in 1955 and has since become the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of TV lifts. While Mr. Walker continues to expand AUTON’S product line, the future of motorized design is always in his sight as new products are continually being researched, tested, and developed. Over the years, many copycat manufacturers have appeared but none have the commitment to quality and innovation that has made AUTON Motorized Systems the world’s leader in motorized systems. AUTON Motorized Systems uses only welded steel construction in all of its products and never uses sheet metal. All AUTON products carry a four-year warranty, the longest in the industry.

AUTON Motorized Systems has received numerous accolades for its commitment to developing new technology and innovative features to the industry. AUTON received the Electronic House Best Product of the Year Award in 2002 for its industry-first Automatic Shut Off Technology. In 2005, Electronic House again recognized AUTON for it’s Ceiling Flip Down System and handed the company one of its prestigious Product of the Year Awards.

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