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Cloud-based support for maintaining and servicing all electronic and networking equipment. OvrC allows remote access from smart devices to instantly reset or resolve technical issues.

OvrC’s cloud-based platform enables IDS to provide incredible customer service and technical support to our clients.

Proactive Service: We can keep an eye out for slow internet speeds or malfunctioning devices. We can receive alerts and troubleshoot common issues before clients even realize there’s a problem.

Discreet Remote Service: If your system goes haywire, IDS can investigate and service common issues remotely, without disrupting your home or your schedule.

Personalized Mobile App: Through a custom-configured mobile app, our clients have the option to fix common issues on their own time.

Manage Firmware Updates: IDS can solve problems and upgrade devices remotely.

Remote assistance means IDS can investigate and fix common problems without needing to meet you at your home. IDS can track internet performance or use OvrC’s Hub to scan and ping all IP devices for common connection issues. We can view the number of connected or disconnected network devices, as well as firmware updates available for each job location, and we can get a holistic picture of overall network performance. IDS can personalize OvrC Home, an optional mobile app, to resolve many common issues.

(Original Source: ovrc.com)


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