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Each of the following systems have been carefully crafted for optimum performance using perfectly matched loudspeakers and subwoofers. And for the ultimate experience, adding Sunfire electronics with exclusive Tracking Downconverter™ technology will unlock the system’s true potential. That’s because we voice and tune our products as a complete “system solution”. So always look for products that have been Sunfire Optimized. It’s your assurance that whenever you combine Sunfire loudspeakers, subwoofers, and electronics, you’re listening to the performance just the way Bob Carver — and our engineering team — intended it to sound.

Family Room System

He wants power. She wants room for that new furniture. And the kids want to feel like they’re in the middle of the action. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of tight bass response, compact size, and enveloping soundstage, you won’t find a better value than this Family Room System.

A leading innovator in home theater, Sunfire created the world’s first compact, high-power subwoofer more than a decade ago. The tradition continues with this 5.1 system — breathing new life into your favorite movies, music and games. Still need more? Consider, too, that HRS Series products deliver all this at a price that makes owning them sound like the best idea yet!

Game Room System

No Game Room would be complete without an audio system that can truly rock the party! Now imagine that same system in a diminutive package that will have your friends asking: “All that sound is coming from THOSE?!” Enter Sunfire’s award-winning Cinema Ribbons® — each the equivalent of a 5-foot tall speaker that has been shrink-rayed down into a cabinet that’s smaller than this brochure.

To really feel the action, Sunfire’s True Subwoofer EQ produces stunning high levels of deep, accurate bass — and maintains its cool while doing it! And the fact that it does this from a mere 11-inch cube will have your guests wondering where you’ve hidden the big speakers.

Stealth Home Theater System

It’s all too common that an audiophile’s dream becomes an interior designer’s nightmare. In typical Sunfire fashion, this system redefines what is possible by delivering reference-level performance that’s nearly invisible. All components in this Stealth Home Theater System feature grilles that may be painted to match the room décor for a perfectly integrated look — both sonically and visually.

These in-wall speakers feature high-efficiency ribbon technology and long-throw woofers for incredible output and clarity. Couple these with the world’s first subwoofer to include StillBass™ anti-shake technology, and the result is a discreet system that will amaze your family — and maybe even the folks next door.

Flat Panel Media System

Whether you have a 50-inch plasma or a theater with a 110-inch screen and projector — you know how important sound is to the overall experience. With that in mind, this Flat Panel Media System is designed to extract every detail — from subtle nuances to soul-stirring explosions — flawlessly.

In true Sunfire fashion, getting “big sound” doesn’t mean sacrificing your sofa. All these components, including the amazing SubRosa subwoofer, are nearly as deep as a business card is long, and can be mounted on the wall to free up valuable living space. A wolf in sheep’s clothing? A sleeping giant? Take one listen and you decide.

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