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Cable and web entertainment, together at last.

The TiVo® Premiere DVR is the most advanced and innovative DVR ever built. It brings the best entertainment from cable and the web together in one place, with one remote and one simple search across everything. The result? An extraordinary TV-watching experience that only TiVo can deliver.

Keep your cable service, but return your cable box*. With the money you save each month, replace it with TiVo Premiere, the one box that does it all.

100,000 movies & shows

The world’s largest video store with over 100,000 movies and TV shows, from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus™

Millions of videos & songs

Millions of videos from YouTube™ and millions of songs from Pandora® and Rhapsody®

Collections of Oscar films

TiVo offers collections of programs you can’t find on a cable box, like Oscar nominees, Emmy Award-winning TV, or Golden Globe and Sundance winners

(Original Source: tivo.com)


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