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Simplify and enhance your quality of life with seamless audio & video solutions by IDS. We work with you to understand your specific lifestyle, wishes, and design requirements. We then custom-craft a solution to make music and video enjoyment accessible and convenient.

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Imagine a life full of music! IDS makes it possible to listen to music anywhere in your home: iTunes in the backyard, news radio in the kitchen, streaming music in the den, each set at an appropriate volume for the space. IDS offers the best one-platform multi-zone solution for all of your audio and video needs, opening a whole new world of music enjoyment.

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IDS offers the perfect speakers for any space, design, or acoustic needs. Our close relationship with the best speaker manufacturers and installation craftsmen enables us to custom-integrate speakers into your unique space. In-ceiling, in-wall, bookshelves, floor-standing and on-wall custom-size and color-matched speakers to complement your flat screen television, IDS helps you choose the right speakers for any application. Now, you can have both the best in sound performance and the best in design.

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IDS brings your backyard entertaining to a new level! Rock speakers, underwater pool speakers, outdoor TVs, and more – IDS offers a wide range of the best products for enhanced outdoor living all tied to the rest of your home’s audio and video set-up. The right outdoor audio and video solutions turn the outdoors into a natural extension of your home, making your life fully entertaining.

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At IDS, it’s our business to be in the know as new viewing technologies appear on the scene. From Plasma to LCD, LED, and OLED, we’re able to fit you with the absolute best in image-enhancing technology.

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Wireless control is seamless control. Streamlined access to clutter-free technology is key to today’s lifestyle. No more clunky knobs, unsightly wires, or oversized receivers. IDS uses wireless control to put the hardware behind the scenes, so nothing gets in the way of your enjoyment. Free up your entertainment with wireless control.

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