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The integration between home automation and motorized window treatments essentially enables shades and drapes to move in concert with other subsystems, like lighting, music, and HVAC equipment. It’s a capability that can be of huge benefit to your home, making motorized window treatments definitely worth consideration as your next investment in your home, in addition to being easily incorporated into a home automation system.

Versatility, convenience, and style are a few of the benefits of swapping your old-fashioned window treatments for modern motorized systems.

Here are the top 5 reasons to add motorized shading to your home.

They are just as effective at saving energy as they are at preserving your privacy. Open Close

When the shades are down on a sunny day, solar gain is minimized which means your home’s air conditioner can operate more efficiently. On the flip side, when the shades are up you can keep the room lights off, relying on the natural light from the sun instead to illuminate your home. The shades can position themselves automatically based on the time of day or the intensity of the sun.

They can help protect a home from break-ins. Open Close

When window treatments move throughout the day, it makes your house appear as if someone is at home. In other words, it gives it a “lived-in” look—an effective deterrent against burglars.

They look better than manual shades and drapes. Open Close

Attached to a motorized rod, track, or roller, window treatments lift, lower and traverse left and right without any tugging of a cord necessary. Minus pull cords, your window treatments evoke a look that’s clean and modern. Moreover, the window treatments can be synchronized to start and stop in unison and to line up perfectly across the window.

They give you the availability to conveniently open and close treatments that would be difficult to reach due to height or inaccessibility. Open Close

For very high or odd-sized windows, these window treatments are easy to control.

They can be set to open and close at specific times. Open Close

Imagine when your alarm clock rings to start the day, your shades automatically go up to let in natural light and later at night they automatically come down to give you back the privacy you need.

All around, motorized window treatments really enhance the IDS automated home lifestyle!

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