Sonos Custom Solutions

The world of whole house music has changed forever. As wireless solutions and streaming music sources have become more reliable and main stream, so have the options available to provide quality custom music solutions. Sonos offers fully customized solutions with their Sonos Connect and Sonos Amp products. No longer is it necessary to run all the wires from the speakers to a central location – all this is done wirelessly saving time and money. In addition- Sonos offers the latest and greatest streaming audio sources continually updated via the internet connection. Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, AM/FM, Sirius/XM, Songza and more are available for your listening enjoyment. No need for expensive antennas, wiring and setup. All the music you love and need streams directly from the internet directly into your music system totally controlled from your iPad or smart devices.


Outdoor Music –

Having music outside can really enhance your backyard enjoyment and Sonos has the perfect solution. Pairing their Sonos Amp with our array of outside speaker options gives you the world of music at your fingertips. Imagine sitting by the pool or patio and having complete control of all your sources and volume at the touch of a button on your smart phone. No more running in the house with wet feet to change the station or lower the volume. Quality music with simple control- That’s the Sonos and IDS way!

Bookshelf and Tower Speakers –

When you think of dynamic quality and room filling sound- think of incorporating high performance tower and bookshelf speakers as part of your Sonos system. Virtually any type and brand of speaker will perform flawlessly when connected to the “hidden away” Sonos Amp. Although Sonos amps provide more than an ample amount of power, additional amplification can be added to give any speaker the extra punch you require.

In-wall Speaker Solutions –

When aesthetically pleasing and concealed solutions are desired, think of using in-ceiling and in-wall speakers with Sons amps as the perfect match. We provide a variety of custom installed speaker solutions that will blend in with any décor while providing you with room filling sound and great performance. Add a Sonos Subwoofer and you will really feel the music come alive. No stacks of equipment or messy wires to conceal. Speakers are flush with the ceiling or wall and the Sonos amp is tucked away in any convenient local location.

Control of any room right at your fingertips –

All of our Custom Solutions from Sonos allow for easy and seamless control from any iPad, smart device or computer. No on-wall keypads or ugly volume controls are needed. Just download the free app and within minutes you will be listening to your favorite music, anywhere and everywhere!

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