Sonos Playbar & Sub Solution

We pride ourselves on coming up with the best solutions for all music and surround sound situations and Sonos PlayBars and Wireless Sub Woofers fit the bill perfectly. When a custom solution is not required or in the budget we go right to Sonos for the next best thing! Their new PlayBar coupled with the sleek wireless, go anywhere Sub Woofer makes a major statement when it comes to high performance for an affordable price. No other sound bar and sub woofer solution comes close to the technology, performance and experience Sonos can offer!


Why a Sound Bar and Sub Woofer Solution?

Sometimes you want the big sound and movie experience without having the big cost and having to place 6 speakers throughout the room. Wiring can be difficult and placing speakers in the proper locations just might not work out. Master bedrooms, living rooms, kids bedrooms and other rooms in the house can now enjoy the full movie experience with this unique wireless solution.

What’s Wrong with TV Speakers These Days?

As the old adage goes – you can’t have everything. TV’s are thinner and sleeker than ever before but there is a trade off when it comes to sound. Yes, video quality and resolution is higher than ever but sadly the audio quality is getting worse and worse. That’s because in order to fit the speakers in the TV bezel, they need to be smaller than ever and guess what, they face the wall not forward like the old days. This results in very sub standard audio and a sound quality that can be quite muffled. Fortunately when it comes to TV audio, you actually can have it all. Just add a Sonos Playbar and wireless Sub for amazing sound, sit back and enjoy the show!

Easy To Use

One of the best features of the Sonos PlayBar and Sub Woofer is its ease of use. No special remote controls or technical lessons are required. The Sonos system uses your standard remote or their free iPad or smart device app to give you seamless control. Everyone in the house will be enjoying it within minutes – right from their own devices!

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