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home with concealed tv and speakers

How to Eliminate Aesthetic Technology Pollution

Oct 27th, 2019 | Leave a comment


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Admit it; you love your entertainment technology. Where would we be without TV and music? They enhance, educate and entertain us. Movies, shows, streaming series and sports, along with a variety of music and sound are a major form of entertainment for many. What happens, though, when you’re not watching or listening? Do you really

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motorized window treatments

How Motorized Window Treatments Change Your Life

Aug 27th, 2019 | Leave a comment


Home Automation Lifestyle window treatments

Has this ever happened to you? You and the family just sat down to stream your favorite series on your gorgeous big screen TV and you realize there’s an annoying glare in the room. After waving your hands frantically in front of where you believe the source is, you find it. It’s the one blind

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Outdoor lighting for entertaining

Do You Have the Right Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining?

Jun 15th, 2019 | Leave a comment


Home Automation Lifestyle Lighting Control Outdoor living

It’s that wonderful time of year! We are spending more time outside and starting to entertain outdoors as well. Swimming, playing and relaxing are on the menu as well as patio dining, outdoor movie nights, and parties. Are YOU ready? If you can’t shout a resounding ‘heck, yeah!’ then you might need some professional help.

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