Climate & Comfort

Easily control the heating and cooling of your home remotely. Imagine after a long trip your house is warm before you get home. On hot days, enter the comfort of a cooled home. Enjoy climate control and energy savings at your fingertips. Enjoy personalized comfort settings that can be activated on a schedule, with just a few taps on your phone or touch screen, or by voice. Comfort and convenience extend past interior walls and into your outdoor oasis. Pool and spa control make it easy to turn on the heat, set the temperature or crank up the jets, from an app. Automate your sprinklers and lawn systems to respond to weather conditions.

Integrate your existing HVAC, radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel, and geothermal systems. Adjust climate settings at the thermostat or through the user-interface from a touch screen or smartphone. Allow temperature and humidity to adjust according to the season. Even light the fireplace without ever leaving the couch.