Smart, 4K, 8K, HDR, HD, Ultra HD, 120/240 refresh rate. With a list that can keep going, how do you choose? If you are looking for a TV that is 55” or larger, the decision gets pretty easy if you want to really have an amazing viewing experience.

Start with a smart TV. As streaming is becoming even more important than cable to many viewers, this technology is a must. This will give you access to most streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more.

Next, look for a refresh rate of at least 240 Hz. This becomes critical when watching fast action movies and sports or the image will appear blurry when the action moves quickly.

Regarding resolution, if you want to see detail the way the producers and directors intended, 4K is the way to go. This offers the highest level of resolution until you go to – of course – 8K! Look for an HDR-compatible set, which offers more realistic colors and better contrast.