Screen Size

Consider how many people in your family typically watch at once and where you’re going to put your new TV. Then pick the largest screen size that will fit comfortably into that spaceand your budget. The sweet spot today, considering price, performance and the living space, is 55” to 85” but even larger TVs have become affordable.

Screen size also depends on how close you are to the TV. A good rule of thumb is that you should sit at a distance from the TV that is three times more than the height of the screen for HD and just 1.5 times the screen height for 4K Ultra HD. In other words, you can sit twice as close to a 4K UHD TV. 8K TVs quadruple the resolution seen on 4K sets, offering a giant leap forward in picture quality and technology.

These days because the resolution is so high, the bigger the better seems to be the trend. In the end, we rarely hear “wish I went with a smaller TV!”