Currently there are only 3 types of TV technologies available to consider: OLED, QLED and LED. Plasma and LCD were popular a few years ago but these technologies have faded away.

The top video display technology is OLED or Organic LED. What makes this technology super special is that it’s the only technology with True Black Levels. Basically, most TV technologies work with a back light so when you are looking at a black image the pixels go dark but the light behind still shows through, creating more of a grey than a black. This is an issue because when you’re watching dark scenes you want the blacks to be dark black, allowing incredible detail, with colors that practically pop right off the screen. OLED accomplishes this by using no back light and has the ability to turn off every individual pixel separatelymillions of them! That means when there is a black image, it is truly black as no light shines through. This produces an incredibly spectacular image that no other technology can create.

The only technology close to OLED is QLED from Samsung. Rather than license the rights from Universal Display Corporation, the developer and supplier of OLED technology and materials, Samsung has developed their own proprietary technology to mimic OLED. However, it still uses backlighting, so their black levels are not equal to OLED. Basically, these are improved LED TVs that don’t quite rise to the performance level of OLED televisions.

As far as LED technology, that is soon to fade away and currently available only on small size TVs for the most part.