How Control4 Makes Home Automation Awesome

Picture this. You arrive home, and with one touch, your lights come on, the shades close, and your favorite music starts to play. As the sun sets, your porch light goes on, and at 9pm your home security system is armed.

Sounds sweet, right?

It is!

At IDS, Control4 is our favorite home automation system. Control4 offers the ultimate home automation solution by making your everyday smart devices work together. One touch controls your devices, or devices can be set according to your needs and schedule without touching anything at all.

Smart home technology enhances your technology lifestyle. If offers convenience, comfort and control. With dynamic networking, energy efficiency, strong security, programmable climate control and smart lighting, you can more fully enjoy your home’s electronic experiences. Smart home technology means you are connected to your home. All your smart devices are programmed for lifestyle situations, schedules, time of day and more.

Control4 packs quite a punch with lots of great features. With Control4, homeowners can customize their home automation as they live with it. Settings can be adjusted to individual desires. With their mobile device, users can close the garage door, view camera feeds, turn lights on or off, and even unlock the front door for a trusted delivery. Control4 also works with Alexa, so you can now have voice control for your smart automation. With one voice command, you can control your lights, adjust the thermostat, start a movie and much more.

For home entertainment, Control4 really shines. It’s the perfect maestro for your entire entertainment system—all managed from one remote. Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives and portable devices. You can even browse through all of them simultaneously. Control4 integrates with products and services like Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu and more. When your entertainment is set up, you can also control your climate and lighting in your home theater.

If you want spectacular video in every room, but hate all the wires, device boxes and multiple remotes, this is the way to go. Multi-room video allows everyone to watch the same movie or content of their choice in any room in your home.

For music aficionados, you’ll be able to access millions of songs, playlists, podcasts and radio stations through a variety of streaming services. Everyone can listen to and control their music from anywhere in the home. Play the same music throughout your home, or listen individually in separate rooms. Multi-room audio will enhance how you enjoy music. You’ll also be able to use your smart phone to play music out in your backyard, without having to run back inside.

If you’ve already got smart devices, or you’re ready to move to home automation, Control4 puts it all together. During a free consultation, IDS can review your needs and your home, and create a plan that works perfectly for you, and within your budget. Contact us today to learn more: 516-625-6060 or click here.


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