Cool Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Happy holidays! There’s still plenty of shopping time left, and we are highlighting some of the latest, coolest, and just plain fun tech products available. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet with some of these products, or you’re an avid tech fan looking for the latest toys, this list is a great place to start. From new cell phones, to TVs that double as artwork, we’ve tried to find a little of everything for everyone on your holiday list. We’re including lots of links, too, to make it easy to learn more.

Of course we’re starting the list with new iPhones. Apple has recently announced three new iPhones that replace the iPhoneX. There are differences in internal storage, screen size, and certainly, price. Take a look and decide which phone mom will totally love.

You can’t get a new iPhone without accessories, so here’s the scoop on those:

If you’re a smart watch fan, there are new choices available in addition to an Apple Watch. Depending on tastes and price points, you’ll want to have a look at the newest entries in this market:

We can’t have a holiday tech list without including Facebook’s first branded electronic device, Portal. If you want grandma and grandpa to be able to see easily during video calls, this might be the perfect solution! Check out Portal for video calls:

If a new Android phone is on your list, you’ll want to consider one with wireless charging. Here’s a list of the best Android phones with wireless charging abilities:

And while we’re speaking
https://www.androidautho of Androids, if you’re in the market for accessories, here’s your list:

If your family or friends complain about draining their phones to use a white noise app at night, ASTI has some cool sound machines and adaptive audio products. Can you say perfect gift?

While we’re all about new tech, when it comes to children a smartphone can be a necessary evil. Staying in touch is important, but young kids don’t really need bells and whistles. Enter Relay, known as the anti-smartphone for kids:

If it’s all about sunglasses, how about shades with built-in microspeakers and microphones from Bose?

Speaking of Bose, take a look at the new Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa built in:

Amazon recently introduced new speakers, sub-woofer, audio adapter and more! They might not fit in stockings, but they’d still be a cool gift:

If you’re looking for something a tad bigger, perhaps a new TV will work. The Frame TV is a TV when it’s on and art when it’s off:

If you want to go larger still, think of ways to enhance your home electronic lifestyle. Whole house music, smart home automation, home theater and security systems will wow anyone on your gift list. For these “go big or go home” gifts, professional installation is a must. IDS can help you plan and budget for a system that will impress even the hardest person to shop for. Call for a free consultation and learn how affordable you dream system can be. 516-625-6060

Happy holidays and happy New Year!

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