Why you need a service plan for your home technology

Congratulations! Your beautiful home theater was installed. Your Wi-Fi was upgraded, music has been installed throughout your home, and it’s all been integrated through home automation. You’ve also installed a complete security system along with surveillance cameras. Everything is perfect. You’re watching, streaming, listening, monitoring…and thoroughly enjoying your electronic lifestyle. Life is good.

Until one day.

And on that day, one of these scenarios happens: the Wi-Fi glitches out, Netflix won’t load, your alarm system goes off repeatedly (leading to false alarm fees!), a software update has caused a system error, or the big game is on and the TV won’t connect to cable. Kids are yelling, spouses are complaining, local police aren’t happy about false alarms, the dog is barking…

What the heck?

Any of these situations are immensely frustrating—but unfortunately not uncommon. It’s the nature of the electronics beast; it’s a continuously evolving entity that needs service to survive. While it’s easy enough to schedule a service call, if you need several of these a year the costs can really add up. And if you’re like most people, if a problem suddenly disappears, you won’t see a need to call for service. After all, it’s fixed–right? Until it happens again; and this time your system stays down. You’re certain now that it’s happened again, it will be a bigger repair and…longer time without the system working. Now what?

Peace of Mind to the rescue!

After hearing from many of our clients requesting a better way to maintain their systems, IDS Audio/Video & Technologies has created a cost-effective solution to keep electronic systems up and running. Our goal is to see that all our clients have their systems running at optimal performance at all times.

With our Peace of Mind Service Plan, you’ll get unlimited service calls and priority service call scheduling. For Audio/Video systems, you’ll avoid expensive hourly service calls and—most importantly—you’ll avoid costly repairs from postponing minor issues that lead to larger problems and extended down time. For Alarm systems, you’ll avoid costly hourly service calls and expensive police/fire department fines by properly maintaining your system.

It’s a win-win situation. You’ve got that perfect home electronics lifestyle; now you can have peace of mind, and keep your system running all the time! IDS is here for you and wants to ensure you get to enjoy your electronic lifestyle–all the time.

If you have an A/V system or an alarm system, you deserve Peace of Mind with one of our service plans. For more information click here or contact us at 516-625-6060 or by email at scott@idsaudiovideo.com. We look forward to helping you get Peace of Mind!

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