Home Theater Installation – What You Should Know

It’s perhaps every homeowner’s dream to have that rocking home theater system. It’ll impress friends, entertain guests and give you a place to go to relax and unwind. A home theater is complete with surround sound, projector screens – maybe even a specific seating area to compliment the home cinema area of your house. It’s common for these home theater systems to exist in basement “man caves” or separate home theater rooms. But home theater installation is about a lot more than just buying an entertainment center and plugging in your TV set, projection screen or other complimentary features – no there’s much more to home theater design than the average homeowner can take on.

So what exactly should you know about designing and installing your dream digital home theater? Here’s a few pointers of things you need to consider when turning your living space into a theater environment:

It’s a project: As we already told you in the opening, home theater installation is more than just plugging in some electronics and buying a TV stand – it’s about planning, designing and completing a project that meets your requirements as well as the space you have to work with. It’s why if you want the job done correctly, it’s a job that’s best left to the professionals. Take advantage of the professional services available to you. These include audio and video specialists, architects, designers and installation specialists. They’re professionals who do this for a living, so you can count on them to leave you satisfied.

Lighting: Don’t forget about lighting – it’s an essential component to any home theater. Just think about the ambiance of a movie theater – the lights dim as the previews begin and then darken when the feature film starts. That’s an excellent compliment to any home theater system.

Other aspects of a home theater system that you’ll certainly want to consider including are noise canceling walls, a hidden rack for audio and video components, the right seats and amount of seats that you’ll have installed and making sure that your screen is a ergonomically safe viewing distance from the seats, as well as the right size in your room. It’s why if you want your home theater installation done correctly, it’s best to call the professionals. That’s where we at IDS Audio/Video and Technologies can help. If you’re in the Long Island or New York City area, contact us today so we can start planning the home theater system of your dreams.

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