Being Outside is Good For Your Health; Take Your Music With You!

Experts say it’s important to spend time outdoors. Being outside has many advantages including improving memory, fighting depression and lowering blood pressure. When we are outdoors, our heart rates and levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease. Those lowered levels of cortisol last for several days after serious outdoor exposure. We de-stress when we are surrounded by fresh air and sunshine, and our immune system even works better after spending lots of time in nature. Did you also know that our attention and creativity is boosted after just 20 minutes outside? Do you have a flower or vegetable garden? What a wonderful excuse for spending time in the fresh air! For those who suffer from anxiety and depression, exercising outdoors eases emotional and mental pain while improving mood.

With the weather finally changing, it’s easy to get in your fresh air time. Clean up the yard and patio and wash the furniture. Open the pool and get it sparkling clean. Prepare your basketball court, tennis court, or outdoor kitchen. Get that outdoor TV ready, and be sure your fire pit is ready to go for those chilly evenings. One last thing: have you got your music ready? Are you still old-school and bring a dock out to the patio, or do you just move some indoor speakers outside when you want to rock out?

Old-school no more. Origin Acoustics will save the day! Have you ever noticed that there seem to be two ways of hearing music outdoors? Either you’re right near the speakers and you can’t hear anything except the tune blaring into your ears, or you’re too far away to hear much of anything. Too loud or too soft is a common problem with listening to music outside. Having a professionally installed outdoor sound system is one of the best entertaining investments you’ll make. If you’ve ever gone to a large theme park and as you wandered around, noticed how nice the music sounded—everywhere you went—then you get it. And even if you haven’t toured a theme park lately, you can certainly appreciate the idea of a constant level of sound throughout an area. No blaring spots, no near-silent areas. Just full immersion in sound. Not too loud, not too soft. It’s Goldilocks for your ears. Just perfect.

At IDS, we like Origin Acoustics’ landscape speaker system. With some of the most outstanding sound quality and artistic design, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled music experience. These speakers hold up perfectly in any weather—rain, snow, cold or heat. They blend right into your landscape so you won’t see them, but you’ll definitely hear them. You can also mount speakers anywhere you’d like, where sound is desired.  Amazing sound will be delivered from under eaves, on columns or even freestanding on outdoor furniture. With a stellar amplifier you’ve got options: use one channel for your subwoofers, or use all channels in a large yard where you need reach. If crystal-clear, soul-moving sound is what you seek, you’ll want to find Origin Acoustics. IDS can help you design the appropriate system for your living space, so you can have that full-immersion acoustic experience while you’re outdoors this summer. For a complimentary consultation, reach out to us today. You’ll be set up right in time for a long season of outdoor listening.  Reach us by phone at 516-625-6060 or by email.


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