What’s New In Home Automation

Home automation is increasing in popularity as advancements in the technology continue to develop. When smart home systems were initially brought to the public, the option wasn’t affordable for most homeowners. The technology was also complex, and only professionals could set up each component. Current automation systems are more reasonably priced, and you don’t have to be a tech geek to give your home some brain power.

The trends in home automation continually change, and the industry seems to expand each month. There isn’t a lack of options for anyone who wants to build a smarter home. Current systems can monitor lights, thermostats, appliances, home security and much more. Smart homes can even execute tasks such as watering the lawn, unlocking a pet door or warming up the bathroom floors.

One of the most recent advancements in home automation involves energy management. Homeowners can automatically keep track of energy usage and make the necessary adjustments day to day. Utility companies can now connect to home automation systems and provide data regarding local peak hours for energy consumption. This means you can remotely turn on an appliance during off-peak hours.

The latest technologies also allow for the integration of all automation features into one central unit. Door locks can be connected as one, appliances can be accessed simultaneously, and tasks no longer need to be performed individually. Additionally, complex hard wiring isn’t necessary because virtually every function can be automated wirelessly. Some systems are even more streamlined and can respond to verbal commands.

Another development in smart home technology is security monitoring. Advanced systems have sensors that monitor the behavior and movement of elderly residents. Automated warnings or alarms are signaled when there is abnormal activity. Certain smart homes can also send alerts when children arrive home from school. Intricate systems allow homeowners to view each room and speak to anyone in the home.

If you’re interested in discovering more about home automation, you can download the magazine Home Smart Home at http://www.control4.com/residential/hsh. Whether you want to set up an automation system to save money, increase safety or save time, there are affordable options available to you. You can begin by automating just a few lights or locks, or you can program your entire home at once. Home automation is a convenient way for you to dictate how and when each feature of your house should function.

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