How You Can Maximize Outdoor Entertainment Time Into the Fall

By the time September rolls around, most people close their pools, cover the patio furniture, and pull out all the cozy blankets for football season…watched from inside their homes.

What if we told you there was another way to enjoy football (or movies or shows)?

You can extend your outdoor time by dedicating an area in your yard or outdoor space to cool-weather entertainment. Basic elements for an enjoyable cool-weather outdoor space include: TV, speakers, shelter, fire and automation.

Sounds a bit like an upgraded episode of Survivor, right? Heck, yeah.

For an outdoor TV area to be enjoyable, comfortable and functional, let’s look at each element:

Outdoor TV
An outdoor TV is a must. This does not mean a TV that is brought outdoors; it means one made for the elements including sun, rain, sand, salt air and more. As an example, SunBrite outdoor TVs are made to withstand whatever nature will throw at them:
Salt:  protected inputs to prevent salt spray and dust from entering; salt can corrode indoor TV circuitry that begins at the external inputs
Dust:  internal cooling systems prevent overload and reduce dust buildup by continuously cycling air through special filters
Insects: as if the idea of a spider-infested TV isn’t enough reason to get one specifically made for outdoors, these TVs feature all-weather resin or power coated aluminum exteriors along with special duct filters that will prevent those itsy-bitsys from nesting
Heat: with an internal climate control system, sensors and fans prevent overheating
Rain/Humidity: with a watertight cable entry and pass-through system, inputs and cables are protected from rain; indoor TVs placed outside allow humidity to build up inside a TV and eventually short out the unit
High Reflectivity: SunBrite TVs have LCD panels with a high haze factor, making them glare-resistant; indoor TVs, with their high-gloss finish have heavy glare when used outdoors

Outdoor sound
You’ve got the TV; now you need awesome sound. With a strategically-placed outdoor system of speakers, you’ll feel like you’re right on the sidelines!

If you don’t already have a protected outdoor area, we suggest exploring Arcadia louvered roof systems. These can be installed as a standalone system or attached to an existing structure. You can have as much sun—or shade—as you like. And if it starts to sprinkle, close the roof and you can wait until halftime to move indoors.

Fire pit
If you’ve got a fire pit—or dream of having one—it can be connected to your home automation system (more on that in a minute) to control from your outdoor chaise while watching the game.

The single sweetest way to pull together all the wonderful elements of an outdoor entertainment space is with automation. We like Control4 automation, where from your smart phone or tablet you can control the TV, sound, louvered roof and your fire pit. Change games, lower the volume, look at the stars, turn up the heat…it’s all in your control!

You know you’re ready for this. You’re already thinking about warm snacks and how many fleece throws you’ll need to cozy up next to the fire. With a fully-equipped outdoor viewing space, you can enjoy fresh air for months to come. IDS can help you design and create the space of your dreams—on a budget you can afford. Let us give you a free consultation so you can see how easily you can maximize your outdoor entertainment. 516-625-6060. Read more here.

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