Advantages of Professional Audio/Video Installation in Commercial Environments

If you have commercial space that needs new audio/video technology, it’s important to consider a professional installer. While some members of your staff may know how to wire a room or set up some video cameras, when the time comes for your company to really shine during important presentations or meetings, you want to know that every aspect of your technology will work seamlessly.

Commercial business technology includes different components such as audio, video, security, access control and computer networking. When conducting business meetings and conferences, you need to focus on the business at hand. Technology should amplify your presentation, not hinder it.

IDS Audio/Video & Technologies can design and install a comprehensive, custom technology landscape to secure and enhance your business environment:

Audio & Video
IDS can create a custom A/V system for your business. Commercial speakers provide excellent sound quality in commercial settings. With clear sound for better understanding without static or distortion, your presentations will impress clients. You’ll be able to control TVs from a single location, play different music in different zones, and have ease of functionality with one remote. Speakers can be designed and installed to disappear into your walls and ceiling.

Video Surveillance
With a broad range of security cameras, you can rest easy that your business is secure. Along with digital recorders, monitors, remote viewing and network video solutions, IDS keeps you working while your business remains protected.

Security & Fire Alarms
Only when your business is protected can you really concentrate on work at hand. A comprehensive security and fire alarm system will offer access control, intruder detection systems, guard response, open/close reports, fire protection, carbon monoxide and gas detection. Custom solutions are designed to work specifically for and within your business environment.

Access Control
Full access control enables monitoring of the comings and goings at your office. We design solutions to control entry and exit to your facility, with audio and video intercom systems, card-swipe readers and other access solutions which protect sensitive information or personal materials.

Corporate Boardrooms
The board room is the place to impress. What better way to do this than with a dynamic automation system? With one touch, the screen lowers, lights dim, shades close, and the climate is adjusted. You can focus on your meeting, not your technology. A properly automated conference room or boardroom allows you to conduct business meetings effortlessly and confidently, resulting in improved efficiency and stronger impact.

Data and Wi-Fi
This critical component of business can be a burden or a blessing. IDS installs secure IT infrastructures for easy and efficient data management.

When you’re ready to take the technology aspect of your business to the next level, contact IDS. We offer a complimentary consultation with a complete review of your business technology needs. Reach out to us today to learn more: Call us at 516-625-6060 or visit us online.

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