Why You Need OvrC Cloud-Based Remote Support for Electronic Devices


If you’re not already familiar with OvrC, you have some catching up to do. OvrC is an awesome, cloud-based support for maintaining and servicing all of your electronic and networking equipment. It’s another way of ensuring that you get the most out of your home’s technology.

What does that mean?

In two words–remote access. This access, from smart devices, allows the ability to instantly reset or resolve technical issues. In other words, we can remotely manage, configure and troubleshoot devices on a network. IDS is pleased to be able to offer this to our clients, and we know it will further simplify your electronic lifestyle. This cloud-based platform enables us to provide outstanding customer service and technical support to our clients.

OvrC works in several ways:

Proactive Service: We can keep an eye out for slow internet speeds or malfunctioning devices in your home. We can receive alerts and troubleshoot common issues before clients even realize there’s a problem. How’s that for cool?

Discreet Remote Service: If your system goes haywire, IDS can investigate and service common issues remotely, without disrupting your home or your schedule.

Personalized Mobile App: Through a custom-configured mobile app, our clients have the option to fix common issues on their own time as well. This is great for those times (late at night, early morning) when it’s not convenient to call a professional.

Manage Firmware Updates: IDS can solve problems and upgrade devices remotely. New features and new functionality are constantly being added to this service!

OvrC allows us to remotely reboot devices, which means you won’t have to wait for a service call and interrupt your schedule. You don’t even need to be home! We can also modify common configuration settings of a device, even after it’s been installed. And remote access is secure, with just one click of a button. With the mobile app, you can also manage parental controls on your own time.

Take a look at how easy OvrC is, and how it can simplify your electronic lifestyle: https://youtu.be/ZMins60FJRk

For more information on OvrC, contact us today! 516-625-6060 or https://idsaudiovideo.com/contact-us/ids-cloud-support-plan/ .

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