This Could Happen To You (or Why You Need a Professional to Install Your Home Technology Systems)

Can you imagine being left with this bird’s nest after investing time, money and energy to design new technology throughout your home?

Home theater, home automation, security system, Wi-Fi networks, whole-home music. Sounds heavenly, right? Not if this tangled web of unprofessionalism is what you’re left with. Who does this?

At IDS, a professionally installed system leaves as an option the ability for a client to troubleshoot their system while on the phone with our support. Small issues, like checking certain connections or giving feedback on what something looks like might be handled in this way. But only if the client can see what they are looking at!

To be honest, many people are under the assumption that as long as a wire makes the connection from Point A to Point B, it’s all good. After all, the TV works. The Kaleidescape System is serving up your favorite movies. The Wi-Fi works—most of the time. And, well…you get the idea. But the hallmark of a true professional audio/video integrator is the rack they leave behind. It’s a calling card. If it’s neat, clean, organized and yes, even attractive, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the same passion went into the actual connections and setup. It’s also a preview of how the company conducts business.  Your system needs to be organized because sooner or later something may need adjusting.  If you can’t figure out what goes where, don’t be surprised when you call the bird’s nest company back and they charge you a small fortune to ‘rearrange’ or ‘upgrade’ the wiring. Because they won’t know either!

Now this is what that system looks like after we were called in with the defibrillator:

Sweet, right?

If you’re building a new home, renovating your existing home, or simply adding some fun technology, you need to know that you’re working with a professional who cares as much about what they are installing as how they install it. IDS has a longstanding reputation (over 30 years!) for providing quality work at affordable prices. No details are overlooked and no shortcuts are taken. Call us first and it’ll be the last call you make. Anything else is for the birds!

For more information on how we can enhance your electronic lifestyle and bring your dreams to life, contact us today! 516-825-6060.

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