Do You Have the Right Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining?

It’s that wonderful time of year! We are spending more time outside and starting to entertain outdoors as well. Swimming, playing and relaxing are on the menu as well as patio dining, outdoor movie nights, and parties.

Are YOU ready?

If you can’t shout a resounding ‘heck, yeah!’ then you might need some professional help.

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes according to the lighting in an environment? Certainly, different lighting is necessary for certain tasks, but when we refer to entertaining, there really is a difference. It is a fact that exposure to natural light can positively affect mood and health. And background lighting can affect things such as how much we eat, how quickly (or slowly) we eat, and how things taste. The right lighting in an entertainment environment can just plain make us feel relaxed and even happy.

At IDS, one of our specialties is creating an outdoor entertaining space that is second to none. In our last blog post, we discussed outdoor speaker systems. The perfect complement to outdoor music is a professionally installed landscape lighting system. We like Kichler Landscape Lighting for many reasons. This lighting can be used to illuminate paths and entryways. It can also create more livable spaces around patios, pools and decks by bringing to life former ‘dead zones’ as well as enhancing areas with a combination of fixtures and color temperatures. Aside from how beautiful it looks, landscape lighting also provides safety around your property by allowing evening navigation around furniture, pools and entryways. By lighting a home’s dark spots, your home becomes more visible, leaving minimal hiding spots for intruders.

There are many different lighting techniques that can be customized for your property and entertainment needs. At a minimum, Kichler Landscape Lighting is the difference between a few flood lights pointed toward your patio and pool, and a luxurious outdoor oasis immersed in a combination of functional and mood lighting. Architectural details can be highlighted, foliage can be lit, and a mix of fixtures and high efficiency LEDs can be used to maximize effects. Among the products offered are accent lights, path lighting and water lights, in a choice of white colors, from bright to warm white. With a variety of lighting techniques you can create an assortment of effects just right for your space.

Learn more about Kichler Landscape Lighting here:

For a free consultation on how landscape lighting can transform your outdoor space into a true paradise, contact us today at 516-625-6060 or by email. And with our Pre-Summer Outdoor Entertainment Sale, it’s more affordable than ever. Reach out today!


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