You’ve Got to Incorporate A/V Planning in Your New Home or Renovation

Are you building a new home or a vacation home? Planning a major renovation of your current home?


But—wait! Have you thought about how you’re going to handle your technology? We’re talking about integrating your home Wi-Fi, security system, home automation and entertainment throughout your home. During renovations and especially new construction the time is ideal to plan for and incorporate the right systems to enhance your electronic lifestyle.

Think about it for a moment. You’ve got a blank palette ahead of you, electronically speaking. You can have as much or as little technology as you’d like. Frankly, with open walls, and new wiring, more is more! Imagine walking into your new or renovated home, and using your voice to ‘turn on’ your home. Re-arm the security system, turn on lights, adjust the thermostat, start playing your favorite podcast or music throughout your home, and even turn on your fireplace! After you’re all settled in, you can then enjoy your amazing home theater with complete wireless control. The beauty of systems such as these is that everything is wireless and controlled from a touchscreen or a mobile app. No wires, no makeshift speakers and large screens with cords hanging all over—just neat, clean and sleek. And you can have all of this because you planned for it. Designing a new home or renovation is satisfying enough, but when all the dust settles (literally) you’ll enter a new phase of home ownership. Technology paradise.

Do you know that many people don’t plan for the technology component of new construction? They’re so caught up in architects, plans, specs, furniture layout and budgets that it falls to the back burner. And if you think about it, it’s pretty silly. Pre-wiring for a home theater and whole-house music is a piece of cake with open walls. Designing a home security system is also a breeze when you’ve got a blank slate. New construction is audio/video integration possibilities at their best. Back-fitting wiring or drilling holes in newly painted sheetrock is not fun. And not necessary! Select a good A/V firm to work alongside your builder and architect and not only will you be thrilled with the end result, your budget won’t take as big a hit as doing your tech after your home is finished.

At IDS, we like Control4 for managing your home automation needs. The beauty of Control4 is that with one touch you can control all the electronic systems in your home—security, music, lighting and climate. With the Control4 app, you can also check on your home from anywhere. New homes need different types of structured wiring than existing homes, and in new construction, advance planning, including the right automation hub, ensures that the right wiring is in place before walls are constructed.

Home automation is really not a scary concept. It’s very affordable, and even more so when you incorporate it into the planning and design of a home or space.

If you’re building or renovating, contact IDS for a free consultation and learn how easy and affordable it is to make your technology dreams a reality! Call us at 516-825-6060 or email us today.

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