Why Home Automation is the Coolest Gift for the Holidays

When you think of home automation, you might imagine it’s just a way to adjust the lights and set your alarm system. Is that really all there is?

Not at all!

Home automation is a lifestyle change that eases and simplifies the way you can enjoy your home and surroundings. With the holidays coming sooner than we care to admit, it seems like a perfect time to demonstrate the ways that home automation can enhance your home technology lifestyle. If you’re looking for that special gift, home automation is sure to please! We like Control4’s Smart Home Automation Systems as it integrates with so many aspects of your home including lighting, entertainment, security, energy and other connected devices.

Imagine how you live in your home.

Have you ever done any of the following:

– gotten into bed, only to get out of bed and check that all the doors are locked for the evening?
– wished you could lower the lights without getting up, as you began to stream a movie or series?
– had a yard full of guests and wished you could turn the music up without going back inside?
– wished you could remotely check on your children, who are home alone after school for a few hours?
– dreamt about playing music throughout your home?
– thought how cool it would be to see who’s at the door when the bell rings—before you answer it?
– sat down to watch a movie only to realize there’s an annoying glare from the windows?
– wanted to know when someone left a door wide open?
– wished you could turn up the heat a bit—without getting out from under your covers?

Who hasn’t?

For any or all of those wishes, thoughts, or dreams—they can easily become your reality. Home automation from Control4 coordinates your technology into one-touch control from the palm of your hand. Using any smart device such as a phone or tablet, you can dim the lights, turn up the heat, lock your doors and arm your security system. Control4 can coordinate more than 9,000 devices, with apps that work together perfectly.

Not sold yet? Check out some cool examples of what you could do with Control4 home automation:

1. Home theater: watch video from multiple sources such as media players, hard drives and more; hide equipment in a cabinet yet control it all with a single remote; coordinate lighting in your home theater that dims with ‘play’ and comes back on with ‘pause’

2. Whole home music: access millions of songs through streaming services; play a different genre of music in different rooms at the same time; manage the volume on all with a single tap

3. Lighting: have lights turn on automatically when you return home; program lights to turn off when a room is empty; use your smart device to control shades and blinds; have outdoor lighting turn off at sunrise and on at sundown

4. Temperature: enjoy personalized comfort settings for different times of day and evening; control your fireplace from your device; program window shades to automatically lower in the heat of the day

5. Outdoor living: program and control your pool lights and spa jets; turn on your fireplace right from your smart phone; set your sprinklers on a schedule that responds to weather

6. Security: see who is at the door without getting off the couch; get complete views of your front porch; call any touch screen in your home (great for checking on the kids—whether you’re downstairs or out for the night); view video feeds from your security cameras; lock doors and arm your security system with a single touch

7. Alexa: Control4 integrates with Amazon Echo to bring full voice control to home automation—for example, just say “Alexa, turn on welcome home” and your interior lights turn on, the door locks behind you and your favorite music starts playing

Yeah, we know. Totally cool.

If you’re ready to take your technology lifestyle to the next level, IDS is here for you. We can design and integrate home automation for everything from ‘just’ whole home music to an entire smart home designed and programmed for how you live. The possibilities are endless, and we can work with your dreams and within your budget. To learn how affordable smart home automation is, contact us today at 516-625-6060 or learn more here.

Source:  www.control4.com

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