Is Your Wi-Fi Slowing You Down?

Did you know your Internet probably could be faster? Do you find that the more bandwidth you demand from your network, the slower it performs? If you set up your network a few years ago, and then forgot about it, your setup could actually be slowing your connection down. With a few simple changes, you can harness all of the speed available form your Internet service provider.

Technology Is Changing Rapidly

The fact is, technology is changing drastically. Where once all you needed your Wi-Fi network to do was connect your computer to the Internet without cables, now you need it to connect your computer to the Internet, as well as your printer, fax machine and other devices. You also need to be able to access the network on your tablet and smartphone.

With the increasing bandwidth demands you put on your wireless network, it is high time you take a closer look at it and consider making a few upgrades. Your ancient setup is not designed to support all you are asking it to do.

Start with Your Router

Your router is one of the first places to look for signs of a system in need of an upgrade. If your router is a couple of years old, Tech E.R. warns that it could be running Wireless-G. While this is a fully functional wireless technology, the newer Wireless-N technology is stronger and faster. The changes are not small, either. Wireless N is about six times faster than wireless G and can cover 67 percent more space.

How can you tell if your router is a G or an N? Look at the product name, and you will likely see an N or a G. This indicates the wireless technology it runs.

Consider Adding Hardware

If you need to extend the range of your network, hardware additions may be all you need, as recommended by PC World. Hard wired access points, for example, can extend a router’s range by quite a bit, allowing you to access your network from points much further from your router.


Have you noticed a drastic decrease in wireless speed at the house or in the office in the past couple of years and have you upgraded your system yet?

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