Theater Projectors and Screens – Why Now Is The Time To Consider Them

If you’re in the market for a new television, you may want also want to consider a projector/screen combo. Where once projectors were unable to compete with the clarity, quality and longevity of televisions, today’s improvements on this decades-old technology are putting that theater room you’ve been dreaming of within reach.

The early days of projectors and screens meant big projector units that took up a lot of space and expensive maintenance and repair costs. You had to consider not only how you were going to install or set up the combination, but how you were going to provide power and control for the projector. Earlier projectors also had to power large bulbs that were very expensive to replace (sometimes nearly half the cost of the projector). Now you can find projectors in all shapes, sizes and resolutions.

Most, if not all of the projectors you’ll find today include connections for analog, digital, high-definition and computer signals, so you’re sure to find the capability to bring in whatever source you’re partial to, whether it be your new Blu-Ray or old Beta-max. In addition, you can find projectors that produce your picture with differing levels of light intensity, color correction and beyond.

You might need to shop around a little to find the right projector for your application, but if power is a concern for you, try looking into an LED projector. While the light intensity will be less from an LED projector, it often draws up to 30 percent less energy than a standard lamp projector. Maybe you have a small space to work with, and standard projectors just can’t get the picture big enough in a short distance. In those circumstances, the best bet is to look into a short-throw projector, which can produce a clear, large image in just a few feet (these are ideal for small conference rooms and DIY touch-screen projects).

It used to be common for projectors to be prohibitively expensive, upwards of $15,000 or more. You can certainly still find many that sit at that price point or more, but the costs have come down considerably, and you can now find excellent projects for under $5000. With all of the projector options available out there, you’re sure to find one that will work for you. Why settle for a 50” television when you can have a 100”+ for the about the same price!

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