Have You Watched Your Home Lately?

Isn’t it a perfect time of year for a getaway? You’re ready for sunshine, white beaches, gentle ocean waves lapping at the shore…you get the idea. It’s easy enough to book a vacation, but have you given thought to securing your home while you are away? Installing a few do-it-yourself cameras really isn’t anywhere near enough.

Today there are many different available options for home security, but there are two points worth remembering. It is important to have a custom security system installed by professionals. And you now have the ability to check in and see your home (inside and out) while you are away.

The only way you can truly protect your home and your family from intruders and fire/gas/carbon monoxide emergencies, especially while you are away, is with a professionally installed, centrally monitored home security system. With central station monitoring services, events and alarms are tracked and the police are notified and dispatched. So if you aren’t home when an alarm sounds, the authorities are still notified immediately. Your home will also be protected from fire/gas/CO problems, and if an alarm sounds, emergency personnel are dispatched from your system’s central monitoring station. And, as an added bonus, having a home security system not only protects your home from intruders, but you’ll also receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Over time, this can add up to substantial savings.

If you’re taking a vacation where you’ll have a pet sitter visit your home to care for your pet, the ability to watch the inside of your home is priceless. We entrust people with the care of our pets and the access to our home; why not feel even more comfortable with this capability?

At IDS, we use Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Service. This allows you complete control of your alarm remotely from any smart device—anytime, anywhere. It works with iOS (including Apple Watch) and Android devices for on-the-go control. They also offer a new HTML5 website where you can gain access from any mobile device, with no app needed. You can do everything that you would be able to do if you were home operating your alarm system right from your keypad. You can even get text alerts so you know when the kids or employees come home or leave by when the alarm is turned on or off. You will be able to watch your home remotely, which means you can keep an eye on your home at any time through the app. This provides a live feed from your cameras and you can view the inside and outside of your home, including seeing someone at the door.

Other points to consider before you catch your flight include:

-hold the mail: if you don’t have a neighbor kind enough to take in your mail and newspapers, put both on hold to avoid mail overflowing in your mailbox

-remove hidden house keys: if you embrace old school and still keep a key hidden under a rock, take it inside before you leave

-no posting on social media: don’t announce to the world that you will not be home; wait until you’re back to share those photos

-tell neighbors: let them know you will be away, and maybe they can keep an extra eye on your property

-adjust your thermostat: no need to heat an empty house

-empty the fridge and trash: it’s no fun to walk in to a stinky house

-watch your luggage tags: consider using your business address (instead of the address of your empty home) or just your cell phone number

-batten down the hatches: winter can bring some big storms with heavy winds-secure any outdoor furniture, grills or garbage pails

When you use IDS for your home security needs, you’ve got a company that stands behind their systems. We are always here for you and we can be contacted for any issues. Instead of you buying and trying to install an out-of-the-box alarm kit, our first step is to evaluate your home and property and create a system that is customized for your environment. Once your system is installed, rest assured that we can service the system and be there for you in the event of any issues. In fact, with our Peace of Mind Service Plan, you’ll receive unlimited service calls and priority call scheduling. Regular service has been shown to avoid down time and extend the life of a system. And with police and fire departments imposing fines for false alarms, regular service will ensure your system is working properly and save you money from false alarm fees. Let IDS create a custom security system to protect you and your family today!

We can design an affordable, efficient system that will work with your family’s needs as well as your budget. Protect your family, pets and home today, and give yourself the gift of peace of mind every day! Contact us at 516-625-6060 or visit us online for more information.

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